You too can become a Dutch speaker!

We hope you find the navigation bar over on the left intuitive and clear.

Free users have access to the Tourist Course, and to Course 1 (under development!).  You can try out Lesson 1 without even registering - for Lesson 2, you'll need to register, and for Lesson 3 and beyond, you'll need to Tweet (or pay!) to access each lesson.

We're also going to be adding things, bit by bit, to the information pages.

And over the coming months, we're going to be working on a social layer which we hope will provide you with all sorts of opportunities to practice your Dutch with other learners, and to help share tips and advice and morale-boosting support with your fellow learners...:-)

And here's a video showing how far you can get with these sessions in a single day (if you do it as a flat out immersion session):